assisted training

Assisted Training

What is assisted training at IMF?


Assisted training is gym training focused on strength, fitness and functional movements. The design of the programs will change monthly with different themes and styles to continuously challenge your body and mind. Our programs will be written on the workout board, posted & sent you. Each movement will have a progression and regression so all levels can participate. Each week you will attempt to improve by either increasing weight or reps or reducing test.

As an assisted training client you will receive: a consultation and needs analysis with a master trainer, monthly progress evaluations, a Biokinetics consultation, weekly nutritional guidance, a personal trainer to assist you each session (this trainer may help several individuals each hour). And a constant level of challenge and growth as your programs develop and challenge you to your new best.

Fee Includes:

– Gym membership fee

– Personal Trainer

– 5 days a week assisted training with:

• Nutrition guidance • WhatsApp group chats • New workouts daily •

R1800 per month, per person!

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