i move 45

 Move 45

Why did we design this program?

For those who do not have enough time in their day, but still know how important it is to stay active & keep moving. This program was created for you. Being able to get into the gym & train is sometimes not possible that’s why Move 45 is the perfect program to follow because you can train anywhere and anytime with no/minimum equipment.

What is basic layout of the program?

I Move 45 is set up to only last 45 minutes & can be followed at home or on the move for those who travel. Each session will include a 5 minute warm-up/activation, 20 minute workout, 15 minute accessory work & a 5 min cool down.

Who should be using this program?

Almost everyone! If you are able to sit down, stand up, get on a knee, & get back up off the floor you will be able to workout out with the Move 45 program.

How many days of training does the program consist of?

Move 45 includes 5 Days of workouts, 1 Day of active recovery & 1 Day of full rest.

Required Equipment?

Equipment is not needed for Move 45 but there are days that allow you to use some of the following equipment. (All Equipment can be packed into a small bag) All of the following equipment can be purchased from the IMF online store.

– Jump Rope
– Loop Bands
– Power Bands
– TRX Band
– Weight Vest
– Kettlebell
– Dumbbell


Not sure if Move 45 is what you need?

Check out our other programs here, or get in contact with one of our trainers to assist you!

R345 per month, per person!

Sample Programming

Sample Day 1


Warm-up / Activation (2 Rounds)
– Bent over pull aparts (10-15)
– Step down reverse lunge with knee lift (10-15) (L/R)
– Bear Crawl shoulder taps (10-15) (L/R)

Workout (3 Sets)
– Max reps in 1:30
– Mountain climbers
– Alternating V-ups
– Burpees
– Rest 1 min between sets

Accessory Work (3 Rounds)
– Banded bent over row (10-15)
– Banded upright row (10-15)
– Banded deadbugs (10-15) (L/R)

Cool Down
– 2 Min walk
– 1 Min cobra pose
– 1 Min Pigeon Pose (L/R)