What is 1-on-1 personal training at IMF?


Personal training is for individuals of any level with any goals. Each client will receive a meeting and needs analysis with a master trainer who from there will pair the client with the ideal trainer for his/her needs. The client will also receive a free full consultation with a biokineticist to red flag or identify any areas of concern or special considerations.

After this, the client will have their own personal trainer to assist, guide, motivate and constantly challenge and improve all areas of focus. The trainer and client will build report and understanding and decide together on training times, types and intensities guided always by the master trainer and always focused on the client’s needs analysis and focus areas. Nutrition advice and other advice will happen daily between client and personal trainer. The price of your training will vary because of duration of sessions, amount of sessions per week, your individual needs analysis and the experience of your trainer.

Pricing varies based on sessions & trainer

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