Move 45

R345.00 / month

This program is for those who do not have enough time in their day, but still know how important it is to stay active & keep moving. This program was created for you. Being able to get into the gym & train is sometimes not possible that’s why I Move 45 is the perfect program to follow because you can train anywhere and anytime with no/minimum equipment.

This program is set up to only last 45 minutes & can be followed at home or on the move for those who travel. Each session will include a 5 minute warm-up/activation, 20 minute workout, 15 minute accessory work & a 5 min cool down.

I Move 45 includes 5 Days of workouts, 1 Day of active recovery & 1 Day of full rest.

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Equipment is not needed for I Move 45 but there are days that allow you to use some of the following equipment. (All Equipment can be packed into a small bag) All of the following equipment can be purchased from the IMF online store.

– Jump Rope
– Loop Bands
– Power Bands
– TRX Band
– Weight Vest
– Kettlebell
– Dumbbell


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