Super Juice Smoothies Divine Elixir


Divine Elixir has been developed to assist the body in healing itself from issues caused by the unconscious abuse on our bodies over time, all the ingredients used in this healing Elixir have been sourced and put together so as to best help the body heal itself from the inside, the product is an accumulative medicine which in short means it will heal you over time as the combination of the plants move through the body and do their work.
The combination of these plants move through the body and heal all our internal organs thus allowing our bodies to start working correctly again and the best investment a person can make is finding ways to heal their bodies with natural products as we have to live within our bodies.

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Chaga mushroom, Tumeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Garlic, Lemons, Apple cider vinegar, Cayenne pepper, Sea salt, Highly charged water.




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