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Specialized Group 

What is specialised group training at IMF?


The specialized group sessions are for individuals with a specific focus area in their training like running or biking. Clients are paired together in groups no larger than 4 people per hour to focus on performance training for their specific sport or focus area. Each group will be placed together with similar strength athletes or athletes with the same focus and thus training type. Here we are currently offering: Running, Cycling and weekend warrior groups.

As a Specialized performance client, you will receive: A consult and needs analysis with a master trainer, a Biokinetics session to red flag any concern areas, your own personal trainer to take you through every workout, a WhatsApp support group and weekly nutrition advice and guidance. Each session will be structured to increase your abilities and make sure you peak at the right time for your events.

Fee Includes:

– Gym membership fee (Debit Order package)

– Personal Trainer

– 3 Training Sessions (groups of 3/4) per week with:

• Nutrition guidance • WhatsApp group chats • New workouts daily •

R2250 per month, per person!

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